Making over Susan Boyle?

What a sensation Susan Boyle has created! I first heard of her from my son and husband when they played the British Got Talent video on YouTube and I was completely stunned. I watched the video a few more times, to grasp the layers and drama of this story.

Susan Boyle has a beautiful voice but her story is more powerful than that. Her seemingly frumpy appearance set the typically simple minded audience including the judges against her at first glance, yet her incredible singing not only quickly turned the same audience around but brought them to their feet. How extraordinary!

People don’t always have the ability to divine talent, especially when it is not attractively packaged, but once given a chance exceptional talent like Susan Boyle’s never fails to impress and we fall in love with her singing. Susan Boyle has also caused some buzzing from the world of fashion pundits and aficionados alike, who have suggested or offered Susan Boyle make-over of more or less. What do you think? Should Susan make over herself?

To me, the stark contrast between her unprepossessing appearance and her beautiful singing is what lends her story a fairytale quality. I accept her just the way she is. How many can boast a remarkable voice like hers? Isn’t that enough? Why are some so obsessed with superficial look?

Luckily, Susan Boyle is not a simpleton. She’s showed some depth by being true to herself, defying shallow vanity. She is my hero in that regard. I wish her dream comes true fully for her. And as picky as I am, not for flashy package but for true value, I would definitely pay to see and listen to her sing.

Here is a link to the YouTube video of Susan Boyle singing on British Got Talent: .

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