London Diary – London Celebrates St Patrick’s Day!

Mar 13, 2016

Once again, Trafalgar Square became the center stage as London celebrates St Patrick’s Day. It couldn’t have been a better day, sunny, bright and warmest it had been for a while.

The parade started at noon, following a route from Piccadilly to Whitehall; concert and other activities staged at Trafalgar Square kicked off as well in the same time. The area was bubbling with seas of people and lots of green. The square was fenced up and there were check-points for incoming crowds; it was jelled to almost a standstill at certain spots, like the bars and the society booths. Interestingly, the food area set on the outskirt of the premise was not difficult to get through at all.

The celebration was from noon to 6pm. After a lunch of pull pork sandwich and beef stew to go down with Guinness, we left the busy scene to take a stroll along Thames until we reached MI6.