Heavenly Hawaii (Part 3): Maui


Maui was the second port of call and we took a day-long tour, Road to Hanna. It is to me the most beautiful scenic route. I especially loved the first half when twisting and narrow road climbing up the mountain sides took us through dense, profusely rich forests, revealing along the way a successive of spectacular vistas. I was so moved by the immense beauty surrounding me that I turned to my husband with moist in my eyes and forbearing to quiver, muttered “I’ve now tasted paradise.” Can you imagine the way it was long time ago when there was not a single mosquito?!

It is also one of the most dangerous scenic routes of the world. During first hour of second half of the tour, our bus jolted us violently over unpaved road and over this stretch we reached the peak of the road atop a sea cliff thousands of feet above the water with only a tiny margin between us and the edge.

So it turned out, we were among a dozen of couples celebrating anniversaries. The winner was the couple in front of us with 50 years of marriage. Our driver cum tour guide, who was a California native and had been divorced twice and quote, “looking for wife number three”, unquote, asked what was the trick for long married life? A male voice behind us uttered unhesitatingly “Yes, dear”, which brought out agreeing laughter. Nonetheless, our driver sounded learned and knowledgeable about Hawaiian history and provided much interesting info to us during the ride.

Maui viewed from the boat

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