Hope floats

“Libya declares cease fire after UN vote”. My heart leaped with joy at the headline. Is it really the end to the most violent clash of the multitudes of Middle East uprising? It would be most welcoming after such a long bloody battle between the rebels and the brutal Gadhafi regime. And the world really needs some good news amidst Japan’s battle against natural disaster.

Since Tunisian revolt that ousted their President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in mid Jan. and brought about his flight to Saudi Arabia, the world has gone through tidal waves of events. Following the success of Tunisian revolt, a series of demonstrations and clashes broke out through Middle East, in Yemen in Algeria, in Egypt, in Jordan, in Syria, in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, in Iran, Bahrain and Libya. And as Gadhafi’s force advancing and cornering the rebel forces, Japan was hit by monstrous 9.0 magnitudes of earthquake and tsunami which caused hellish nuclear crisis that has hindered the so desperately needed recovery and rebuilding.

As I watched the events unfold, I rode an emotional roller coaster along the way. I was touched by people of the Middle East standing up and demanding rights, dignity and democracy, fundamental human rights that they had been deprived of for too long. There is oppression, there is revolt. In the meantime, the seeds of democracy are finally talking roots. I was heartened by their courage and bravery. I was inspired by their wisdom and intelligence, staging peaceful demonstration in large and using internet and technology to facility their movements. I hailed Egyptian military for not yielding to Mubarak regime and not taking part in slaughtering protesters. I was saddened by news of casualty and I cursed those essentially medieval regimes that abused powers and cracked down its own people. I was encouraged by the success of Egyptian revolution but depressed by Gadhafi’s madness and ruthlessness.

As the international community debated on the Libyan crisis, nature dealt Japan in the other part of the world a horrible blow. The devastation is heartbreaking. And yet the stoicism and orderly conduct Japanese have exhibited is uplifting.

Maybe, human decency will prevail after all. Dynamic and momentum of the Middle East movements are indelible. As usual, champions of democracy of the developed world such as France, Britain and US led the way, others of the international community including Arabian members lent their support and UN voted. The way ahead is yet long but once the spirits are awaken, they will not be put back to sleep.