Presidential Impression

There were no major surprises from the first presidential debate regarding issues and positions, except that it did accentuate McCain’s support for the Iraq war, a stand diametrically contradicting his pro soldier and anti war rhetoric. Obviously his idea of taking care of soldiers and their families is to send soldiers to be killed or injured in a needless war.
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Making History

Who make history? Kings, queens, heroes or eminent leaders of campaigns or movements? Leo Tolstoy didn’t think so. As he explained in War and Peace, Continue reading

Don’t Rush to Another Disaster!

“Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson urged Congress to quickly pass a $700 billion financial bailout, warning that letting problems persist would have dire consequences for the national economy.” “The White House warned of severe consequence if the bail out plan is not approved by Fri.”

Head lines of this sort are all over the place. What a night mare! Doesn’t this seem a Déjà Vu to you? Continue reading

Sense or Sensibility? Country First or Campaign First?

Now that both the democratic and republican conventions are over, can we get over the hype and get back to the issues? Continue reading

John McCain Dealt an Insulting Blow

I was a Hillary supporter. I supported her for her positions, experience, contributions and, last but not the least, the dream of a woman president she inspired that excited and invigorated me immensely.

Predictably, when that dream was shattered, I was indignant and the grieving over a lost dream turned me to consider McCain and away from Obama. Continue reading