Spring Symphony(Part 2)

Chronicle of Two Little Birdies

After waking up for three or four days in a row to a distinctive sound, a sort of high pitched rattling or flapping suggesting fleet motion, I found two doves and their nest on the camellia tree right outside of bedroom window, thereby I started my daily intent observation until they left me lost with the empty nest.

Day 1

Day 1

On the first day I saw these doves, one of them was quietly sitting on the nest, which I assumed to be mommy dove, and the other, daddy dove, flitted back and forth. A few minutes into watching, I realized daddy dove was collecting twigs. They seemed to be alert and aware of my being there but not afraid.

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Making over Susan Boyle?

What a sensation Susan Boyle has created! I first heard of her from my son and husband when they played the British Got Talent video on YouTube and I was completely stunned. I watched the video a few more times, to grasp the layers and drama of this story.

Susan Boyle has a beautiful voice but her story is more powerful than that. Her seemingly frumpy appearance set the typically simple minded audience including the judges against her at first glance, yet her incredible singing not only quickly turned the same audience around but brought them to their feet. How extraordinary!

People don’t always have the ability to divine talent, especially when it is not attractively packaged, but once given a chance exceptional talent like Susan Boyle’s never fails to impress and we fall in love with her singing. Susan Boyle has also caused some buzzing from the world of fashion pundits and aficionados alike, who have suggested or offered Susan Boyle make-over of more or less. What do you think? Should Susan make over herself?

To me, the stark contrast between her unprepossessing appearance and her beautiful singing is what lends her story a fairytale quality. I accept her just the way she is. How many can boast a remarkable voice like hers? Isn’t that enough? Why are some so obsessed with superficial look?

Luckily, Susan Boyle is not a simpleton. She’s showed some depth by being true to herself, defying shallow vanity. She is my hero in that regard. I wish her dream comes true fully for her. And as picky as I am, not for flashy package but for true value, I would definitely pay to see and listen to her sing.

Here is a link to the YouTube video of Susan Boyle singing on British Got Talent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnmbJzH93NU&feature=related .

Spring Symphony(Part 1)

Floral Orchestra

I love spring. Bringing rain and temperate breeze, breathing life into the earth, waking up the nature, banishing the wintery hoariness and dullness, it transforms my surrounding into a much more colorful, refreshing and interesting one.

My Susan Magnolia tree, on south east corner of our house on the lake side, is the harbinger of the season; literally renewing herself overnight with all its branches covered by beautiful flowers, she heralds in spring in early March. As its flowers grow, leaves gradually come out, filling in where there is room and making a rich, green foil to the purplish-pinkish flower.

Susan Magnolia

Susan Magnolia

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St Patrick’s Day Festival

Star of the festival

Star of the festival

St Patrick’s D ay was Mar the 17th but the festival in our town, originally scheduled for the 14th and rescheduled due to rain, took place on the 21th (a beautiful day, sunny and above 50°). We like going to the St Patrick’s Day Festival, not only because my husband’s Irish ancestry but also for its fun, beer, food, crafts, jewelries, music, dance, people watching and lots of green. We should go earlier next year for the parade.

My Camellias

2010 World Expo (Shanghai, China)

My friend Feizi invited me to visit her in Shanghai, China where she lives but she said: “Come 2010 when the World Expo will be held. Right now, there are dust and mess from the constructions for the expo…”

I remember thinking that it must be some significant event to warrant such constructions. That was the last time I thought about it till I stumbled across its website today. No wonder, it is the prestigious World Expo debuted in Hyde Park, London in 1851, “the third largest event in the world in terms of economic and cultural impact, after the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games”.

From its website, it sure looks like Shanghai is making an investment due to such an event and the Pavilions built for the event reminds one of Beijing Olympic last year. Check out its website at: http://en.expo2010china.com/.

If you are going, it is definitely worthy making it part of your visit. Or maybe it is just the right perk that would send you on your way to China next year.

Yvonne and Jay’s Niu Year Party

Raise the red lanterns

Raise the red lanterns

I love to entertain but have had to trim things down since the onset of Fibromyalgia. Chinese New Year’s Celebration however, a tradition I started in 2003, is a rite I am determined to carry on. Now, having given my 5th Chinese New Year party at my house on Feb 7, I feel satisfied and complete with my 2009 Chinese New Year Celebration. I am grateful to have so many friends to share with a cultural heritage I deeply care about. I thank everyone for coming and bringing foods, beverage, beer, wine and presents. I hope to see you again next year. Until then I’ll cherish the moments caught on camera. Continue reading