My heart and I will go on!

Feb 1, 2017

Life does go on, and personally, our adventure in London continues. The past weekend was filled with interesting activities. But pretending that all is the same is completely futile.

All is not the same, my whole being is twanged with indignation and worries. If the US election result had been unfathomable and devastating, it became nightmarish and disheartening when it finally sank in that Trump did not do it alone, there are many who actually share and endorse Trump’s values. It was a painful disillusion.

The Trump camp is indeed a basket of deplorable, they are hell-bent on hate, division and getting their ways. Even before Trump took office, House Republicans attempted to gut Office of Congressional Ethics Oversight, stripping its independence and reducing its power.

Putting Trump in the White House is tantamount to putting powerful weapons in the hands of a thug cum lunatic. And indeed, since inauguration, it all went hellishly downhill fast.

Trump and his goons, now in power, are carrying on like dictators. They abuse power, employ heavy handed and abusive tactics towards those who voice dissent, play propaganda game, engineering “alternative fact” and bullying and threatening media and press to go along with their lies.

First week in office, more than a dozen executive orders were issued, repealing Obama care, building wall on Mexican border, banning citizens of 7 Muslim countries from entering USA, suspending refugee program, reversing course and allowing Keystone and Dakota pipelines to go ahead.

Trump and his cohort’s atrocities go on and on.

USA, once a beacon of hope and power engine for human rights and western values and ideals, is being dragged, kicking, into reversing its trajectory. This is a tragedy unfolding, “Democracy Has Gone Hellishly Wrong!”

How do you deal with something that is so wrong in so many ways and so many levels? Women’s March on London on Jan 21st was a cathartic first step. I have to go on and do my bit in making the world a little better!

Saturday was a beautiful day and cherry blossoms was starting out on this one tree in the neighborhood. Perfect way to start Chinese New Year of Rooster! It was also the weekend the France Show was on. An annual event at Olympia, the France Show showcased all things French, a little bit of fashion, lots food and wine tasting, travel and language learning opportunities, lovely French music, and an exciting Can Can dance. Amazingly, 50% of the exhibit was French real estate. At the end of the day, a delicious dinner at Golden Dragon of China Town!

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Sunday was reserved for Winter Wander with Walk London. Not the best day for walk, sprinkling most of the way, but luckily it did not start pouring until we had just finished the walk. This walk from Gunnersbury Station in Chiswick to Richmond was mostly along the river Thames, with a detour through High Street of Brentford and another to Syon Park. The first 2/3 of the path was not too impressive. It was prettier between Syon Park and Richmond. I can see though it’d be much better in spring and summer.

20170129_141030rs 20170129_150154rs 20170129_151604rs 20170129_153113rs 20170129_154225_001rs 20170129_154243_001rs 20170129_154853rs 20170129_154917rs 20170129_160147rs 20170129_160610rs 20170129_162141rs 20170129_162242rs 20170129_162547rs 20170129_164154rs 20170129_132509rs 20170129_134355rs

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