London Diary –Spring Fun!

May 12, 2016

Having survived the winter season, I’ve never been as appreciative of spring as I am now. Spring has done a beautiful job making over London, putting it at its best since I moved here.

Although a bit more rain, but few stays around for long. In the meantime, there is much more sunshine to be had.

There is lots green everywhere, all trees are now fully clad and lawns stay green. I used to be able to see the entire football/soccer field from my kitchen window bot not at the moment.

Profusion of colors show up here and there. To name a few in my neighborhood, blue bells came and gone, so were tulips, magnolias, and cherry and pear blossom. At every rain, flower petals blanket the neighborhood streets. As of today, Horse Chestnut trees that line the main street are full with its pretty flowers alternating between whitish pink and deeply pink. And Hawthorns drape with clusters of little flowers.

Thank you spring!

May 12, 2016

CAWC’s annual May Tea Party was a great fun. It is English high tea and competition on table decoration in one. Look at the gorgeous tables created by some very creative ladies. Table Re-Love and in the Pink was the winner this year, created by Sara who also won last year. As a result she got to take the trophy crown back home.


May 15, 2016

Today we walked with the Bronte London group in City of London, following Charlotte’s footsteps. Charlotte Visited London 5/6 times. We started from Monument and finished at London Bridge by Thames. Interesting walk. A few were places I had visited  before, St Paul, and Temple Bar, but many I visited the first time, Monument, London Bridge, Guildhall, Mansion House, Bank of England, and Royal Exchange.


May 17, 2016

Book Bunch Lunch at Sara’s lovely home, she is English but nice Iranian food she can cook. What a treat!


Jun 2, 2016

Do as the Romans when in Rome. Donning a hat the British fashion first time ever at lunch and fashion show of London Seasons at Hurlingham Club. It was great fun!



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