London Diary – An Evening Soiree at the Soane


Mar 18, 2016

I am a fan of Jane Eyre, which is a gripping book in every aspect. I admire CB’s literary and artistic talent but most mesmerizing is the indomitable spirit and tenacious moral intensity that she portrays in her heroine Jane Eyre.

I join Charlotte Bronte Society in the nick of time and it has opened doors to opportunities. 2016 is Charlotte Bronte’s 200th birthday and there will be a range of celebratory events taking place. First and foremost, I’ve been reading her biography by Clare Harman. It is a fascinating book, telling the storied lives of Charlotte and her family. I’ve gained not only understanding but also tremendous respect for the genius trio that is the Bronte Sisters. I am so happy to be living in London at the right time and thus able to participate in the celebration.

This evening I attended a special evening exhibit at Sir John Soane’s Museum, “Charlotte Bronte At The Soane – Marking The Bicentenary of Charlotte Bronte’s Birth”, hence commencing the activity of celebration for me. The candle lit evening soiree was atmospheric, delightful in the company of kindred spirit, and champagne, wine and gin, to boot. One of the items on display is one of Charlotte’s dresses which measures to a person who is no more than 5 feet tall, of 23 inch waistline and 29 inch bosom. Minute she might be in person, in spirit, talent and the legacy she’s left behind, she is larger than life.

I am also a Jane Austen fan and I paid my pilgrimage to her in 2014 by visiting multiple destinations related to her life. At this moment, I find myself pondering over the juxtaposition of these two icons of the literary world. While I equally admire Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte, I do get different experience reading their books. Jane Austen inspires in a subtle, witty, humorous and delightful fashion, Charlotte Bronte, stirring one to the core and yet intensely uplifting at the same time.

Highlight of CB related events this year would be a visit to Haworth in Yorkshire, my pilgrimage to Charlotte Bronte cum Jane Eyre. I can’t wait.


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