London Diary – Hike up the New Year!

Jan 7th, 2016
I haven’t got my wellies yet but the hiking group was calling and I could not resist.

Weather had been good for the first half of the week, sunny for part of the days, and mostly dry. Then it started to pour during the night and although the rain subsided, there was no sign of clearing up in the morning.

Emma and her daughter came to pick me up and we met the rest at Black Horse, a pub in Fulmer of Buckinghamshire. There were 10 of us including three four legged friends. I noticed right away that everyone else was much better fitted than me for the task.

But off we go. It took no time for the hunch to become reality, the path was wet and muddy. Well, I’ll see how much beating my boots can take and how well Crep Protect work, which I applied generously to my boots ahead of time.

Following our hike leaders, Holly and Constance, who pre-hiked the route before, we walked mostly through Black Park. The route was mostly flat and circular, closing at the same path for the last bit. Part of it was to my relief paved, which provided some temporary respite. We went through lovely wooded area and crossed fields. We walked around a pond, where ducks and swans floated about, and passed Pinewood Studio twice, which is the Hollywood of UK with a film list including James Bond and Harry Porter.

It sprinkled on during the hike, heavy at times, and breezy at times. I negotiated my path to stay away from the wet and muddy part, as much as I could. Along the way, our four legged companions romped, raced, bathed in the pond or puddles and barked their greetings to other four legged ones we crossed path with. They animated the scene very nicely. Although there were close encounters, not one left me a muddy print.

I however managed to back-splash mud on myself, which did not dampen my spirit a bit, nothing that could not be washed off. At the end, my boots came through pretty well too; my feet stayed dry and, apart from a few discoloration, my boots remain intact.

Between the park and the pub, there was an exclusive looking neighborhood, Fulmer Rise, elegant gate, rhododendron lined, quiet roads and handsome mansions peering through gates and gaps between hedges.

Roughly two hours later, we were back to the lovely Black Horse, which stands close to the picturesque Fulmer Parish Church. I sat down with the ladies to nice hot tea and lunch at the pub.

When I stepped out of the pub to a brilliant blue sky, I felt like burst out laughing. What a funny timing! In any case, rain or shine, I will hike on. But tomorrow I am off to get my wellies.


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