London Diary – Prologue

I fell in love with Europe at first sight. I love its scenery, architecture, literature, history, art, food, its contribution to civilization, and above all, its ideals and spirits that are similar to those of US. I had gone back to visit year after year. I had many times said to my husband wistfully, “I wish we could live in Europe for a few years. Think about the weekend trips we can take.”

Fast forward to earlier this year. My husband told me he might be transferred to London. That would be his anniversary present for me. Imagine that, I was in ecstasy!

Long story short, the next 9 months was a roller coaster of changes and emotions. We were moving. We were not moving. Finally it was official, we were moving to London!

The following 3 months was a gruelling process. Finishing up the disputes with one of the tenants in court and repairing damage. Finding rental manager for all rental properties. Getting our primary residence in order to put it in the market for sale while trying to get ready to move. Going through and sorting out the humanly material possession I had built up to that point of my life, shrink them into a pallet to move with me and a public storage unit that is one twentieth of the size of my house. Gazillion things to do and the stress to get it done in time.

I was literally busy until the very last minute. The last few weeks, I was so exhausted, every ounce of my body ached. I whined, complained, cried a few times. Many times I wondered where I would find the energy/strength to go on with the rest of the “to do list”. Somehow I got up every day and dragged myself on. And not once I thought of abandoning the plan.

What a crazy, busy time it was! I can look back at it now with humour because it’s behind me. I have lived in London for three weeks now. It is time to look forward and let the adventure begin! And it has. More posts to come.

Nov 7, 2015.


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