London Diary – First Road Trip

Journey to London was a breeze; I got the whole four seat row for myself and was placed at fast track at immigration. Facade and outside landscaping of flat building better than expected. The interior however was a big letdown, work to do for me ahead. Got my BRP yesterday. Doing some shopping today. Got a beautiful sunny day yesterday. Today it’s grey and drizzly.

Oct 21, 2015

Yay the cleaners were here today. Flat cleaned carpet cleaned. It makes a huge difference. Can you believe it? Flat turned over to us before it was professionally cleaned. Landlord thought the agent took care of it, agent thought the previous tenants did it. What a mess up. Finally the misery is over. Now I can unpack and begin to settle. Today happened to also be a beautiful sunny warm day. Kids are playing at the soccer field which is on the back of the building where my kitchen is.

Oct 27, 2015

Once the flat was cleaned up, a huge weight was off my shoulder, I was able to turn my mind elsewhere, to fun things. Time to start the many of the weekend outings we were dreaming of. So first road trip, where do I go? Nowhere other than Fowey would please. Back to Fowey it is. See my post from last year about Fowey to find out why I love it so much.

We left London on Sat which was a lovely sunny day. Soon we were in the countryside. I must be a country girl at heart, the sight of open space, rolling green hill invigorates me. We arrived Fowey in the afternoon and I was gasping with joy, Fowey’s water front was stunningly beautiful under the gloriously sunny and blue sky, better than I remembered.

We stayed at Fowey Hotel for two nights and had fine weather the majority of the weekend. We took up different walking paths and had some wonderful time exploring Fowey, Polruan, a town across the river from Fowey, and the light house near Polridmouth. And ‘conveniently’, I was able to stop by Visitor Center cum Daphane du Merrier Center, again, and Mennabily, albeit only its gate.

Before returning to London, we stopped at Trenython Manor Hotel for tea and lunch.

Nov 2, 2015


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