Fantastic French Vacation – Part5 Cacassonne

My Cassoulet of duck and sausage was hearty and super tasted

By the time we arrived, we had been in France for a week and had seen many amazing things. Would Cacassonne live up to the expectation?

It did. In fact, it is impossible not to be affected by the powerful image and its history.

Carcassonne is a substantial size town of about 48,ooo, second largest of the places we’ve visited so far, after Tours (of 137,000), located in east of Pyrenees, a region in south west of France sitting on the border with Spain. Its 25 square miles territory is divided into eastern and western halves by river Aude. To most tourists including me, Carcassonne is the synonym to what locals known as La Cite, a historic hilltop town south east of Carcassonne, close to the east bank of River Aude. Tiny as it is, making up less than 0.5% of the present Carcassonne where the rest of the town is known as Ville Basse, La Cite has played a major role in making Carcassonee that it is today.

Since the hilltop town was first fortified by the Romans in 1st century BC, more fortifications were added by different rulers including lower rampart from 13th century. After a thorough restoration in the 19th century, La Cite has been one of the most impressive and popular walled city in the world. Atop high hill and protected by two lines of mighty ramparts, it is not hard to imagine the strategic stronghold that it was for centuries’ time.

La Cite’s inside is quaint and charming with architectural highlights like Chateau Comtal and Basilica Saint Nazaire that were both built in the 11th century. The best view of La Cite however is seen from outside the walled city. Whatever you do in Carcassonne, try Cassoulet in La Cite. This stew of beans and meats served hot is super yummy and not to be missed. And I have to put in a few good word for Hotel des Trois Couronnes, which is located right by Pont Vieux on west bank of River Aude, for its convenient location, relatively larger bathroom and above of, the great view of La Cite.

Between the ramparts

Ville Basse from hilltop

Chateau Comtal

A corner of La Cite

Basilica Saint Nazaire

My Cassoulet of duck and sausage was hearty and super tasted

La Cite at night

La Cite seen from Hotel des Trois Couronnes‘ breakfast room


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