Welcome the Year of Rabbit

Chinese New Year 2011 started on Feb 3rd for the Year of Rabbit. Soothsaying for the year ahead abounds. In general the peaceful and auspicious potential of a Rabbit Year is welcomed and it is up to us to tap into its rich potential and bring about harmony and prosperity. Among the festivities, our annual Chinese New Year celebration continued to its 6th year and heralded in the New Year with a positive bash. The grand prize from this year’s red-bag drawing, a cloisonné vase, goes to Robby or rather his grandma Cathy. We wish everyone a healthy, wealthy, peaceful and successful year!

Wish you an auspicious new year!

Always cook too much and have enough left over for most of the following week. The sautéed noodle with chicken and Spareribs were among the favorites this year.

Sticky rice balls, butterfly cookies and brownie.

This time consuming orange bowl with shredded zest, honey and orange liqueur that my mother in law made was luscious!

Les and Betty’s happy cookie tray.

Kids playing games downstairs.

Jay, Fan, Mike, Susan, Cathy, dad and mom.

Dining room.

In Living room.

Nice to have mom&dad at our celebration and to see our new house.

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