Promisingly a True Fairytale

Royal romance has always captured the public’s imaginations and there is little wonder that the announcement of Britain’s Prince William’s engagement to his long time girl friend Kate Middleton would send both sides of Atlantic all abuzz. He, a handsome, rich and philanthropic prince who will be the king one day, she, a glamorous, proper and amiable commoner who is extraordinary nonetheless in her own right, it fits the bill perfectly.

Gullible to a good romance, I find myself sucked into this one.

Williams and Kate’s love story is touching and captivating for the legacy of Princess Diana, who inspired and fascinated the world, was infused into it when William gave his betrothed his mother’s engagement ring, which was imaginably Princess Diana’s design.

And it dredges up memories from eons. News of Princess Diana’s engagement and wedding thirty years ago was not something that could be seen on any part of China’s media. Being in Guangzhou however, my teenage girl friends and I had access to whatever newspapers and magazines brought in by friends and relatives from Hong Kong and/or Macau. We were completely taken in by a dreamy fairytale playing out in reality and engrossed ourselves with every photo and piece of report we got hold of.

Williams and Kate’s story is also lifting for the course of their modern time courtship, which was over eight-years long, displayed on William’s part wisdom and intent to avoid his parent’s tragedy and on Ms. Middleton quality of independence as well as devotion and patience, thereby the promise of a true happily-ever-after fairytale in the making. They are the future faces of Britain’s King and Queen and are welcomed, very welcomed.

Credit is due to Ms. Middleton’s parents, ambitious entrepreneurs who elevated themselves into millionairedom and made the right investment for their daughter; also to the royal family for learning to let true love run its own course.

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