Heavenly Hawaii (Part 4): Kona of Big Island and Kauai

Kona, Big Island

Wednesday, our ship moored near Kailua Pier, Big Island. Unlike previous ports, the boat had to stay offshore and guests were transported to Kona by tenders. We did not book any excursion for the day but visited lovely Kona town by ourselves.

Once at the pier, we found various free shuttles available to take people to shopping and attractions further away but we opted for strolling through water front Alii Drive east to the pier. It was a relaxing and pleasant visit.

Ocean front houses with fantastic view west to the pier-as seen from the boat

A resort on the shore right west to the pier-as seen from the boat

Kona Town viewed from the boat

A giant Banyan tree at the crossing in front of the pier

Another giant tree and this one, a fig tree

View of ocean and our ship from a souvenir shop

Back alley behind a shop

Hulihee Palace

In keeping with the local custom, visitors are requested to leave their shoes at the door before entering the palace-now a museum. We chatted with a lady staff member upstairs and discovered that she and her family, like many others who now live on Hawaiian Islands, had fell in love with Hawaii so much when they had came for vacation that they decided to convert and move, from Virginia.

Singapore plumeria has a wonderful, strong aroma that lingers long

Pink plumeria is very pretty but not as fragrant

Mokuaikaua Church

A plant I could not name

We posed at the backyard of Hulihee Palace. Right after this seemingly peaceful moment, we were splash by a tidal wave, totally unexpected.

Traffic lights are nonexistent in this part of the town

On the way back, we discovered this farmers market by chance where we tasted at one booth macadamia nuts in various flavors including honey roasted, coconut honey roasted and caramel covered. They are irresistible and we bought a bunch.

Exotic flower shop at the market


Kauai was the last port of call and we were there for the last two days. On the first day, we did snorkeling. I was quite nervous of it at first for I had had one failed experience prior to this but it worked out great this time. Thanks to the Snorkeling Board, which was a large floating board manned by one of the guides and to it, I and a few others could hold on to. We could stay with the board and our guide for the entire thing or go off whenever we were comfortable to do so. I was satisfied with the experience at the end, being successful in seeing corals and colorful fishes and being very close to them at times.

Something makes Hawaiian sun exceptionally burning. I had been careful the entire time and put on sunscreen every morning. On the last day, however, I slacked, thinking I wasn’t going anywhere directly under the sun. So after two hours of reading in the SHADE on an open deck, I found areas of my body turned red, quite red, although the burning sensation did not come till later.

View from the boat

A golf course near the port

Marriot at a beach near the port and those are the only buildings taller than four-storey for they were built before the law prohibiting any building goes more than four-storey

Lawai Beach where we snorkeled

How about this spot for a vacation home

Giant turtle at Poipu point

Poipu Beach

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