Heavenly Hawaii (Part 2) : Our cruiseship, Hilo and Kilauea of Big Island, Molokai

Our cruiseship

Atrium on level 5

The public areas on the ship were nice and our cabin was fine. There were always activities or some entertainment available.

Buffet at Lanai Café was usually crowded and few times we ate there, the food was mediocre. Even though the menus were similar, dress code for Liberty (upstairs) was formal and casual for Skyline (downstairs). The quality of meals at these two restaurants was mixed. Our experience at Cadillac Dinner, a much smaller place, turned out more satisfying. The best meal we had on the ship though was from one of the specialty restaurants, Asian Fusion, where we had to pay extra. Water, tea and coffee were included but you had to pay for alcohol, which was expected, but also soda.

I booked the package including flight and cruise from a travel agent and did not find out till later from the cruise line’s embarkation document about the additional service charge of $12 per person per day.


Walking deck

Two restaurants in One-Liberty up and Skyline down

The main pool

Bar on lanai

Trying out the basketball field

We made beaded bandanas

We made Kukui nut leis and exchanged it with a kiss as it is Hawaiian custom

Size of the ship is mind-boggling

Time for a little glamour and we are not disappointed to compared them with the ones from 5 years ago- no signs of growing older yet and we seem happier and closer now

Hilo and Kilauea, Big Island

Our first excursion, fantastically named as Circle of Fire, was a helicopter ride over Hilo of Big Island, specifically from Hilo International airport to one of the world’s most active volcano, Kilauea.

I picked this excursion over my preferred package touring the volcano from land for the sake of my husband, who is quite adventurous with this sort of things, and was extremely excited as soon as he found out about it.

The first half of the ride was cool and I was clicking away my cameras with the telephoto lens mounted on it while the pilot was showing off his craft and the helicopter was careening to the left and right and turning around.

All the sudden, at about midpoint of the tour, I fell terribly sick. With my head, chest and stomach so heavy and tight, I thought I was going to pass out or spew at any instance. Quitting the camera to my husband, pressing the comfort bag close on my mouth and shutting my eyes tight, I suffered through but survived the rest of the trip without fainting or vomiting.

Next time, my husband will have to go on to a helicopter ride by himself.

Our ship at the port

A Bed and Breakfast at one of the slew of waterfalls

Caldera and VOG

Closer up

It was an exciting thing to find these dots of lava

More but faint traces of lava

Hilo Bay


Molokai Island wasn’t a port of call on this itinerary but we cruised by and the following were snap shots from the boat.

Molokai was once the site of a leprosy colony

An airplane passing by Molokai’s landmark see cliff

Molokai’s light house

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