Hearty One-Dish Meal

One winter day, after having pegged away most of the day with sundry errands, I was fagged but still had to face the daunting task of cooking as dinner time drew near quicker than I knew it. Thanks to a brainwave, I had a solution. Opening the freezer and fridge, I took out some Italian Spicy Sausage, shrimps, green pepper, red onions, tomatoes and carrots, and worked away on this one-dish meal. It turned out a success!

Hearty One-Dish Meal

*1lb Spicy Italian sausage (Or use whatever kind you please): cut into ½ inch thick pieces
*1/2lb Shrimps (Cooked or uncooked)
*1 green pepper, 1 medium red onion and 4 carrot sticks: all cut into sizes and shapes you desire. 4 fresh tomatoes: squshed.
*2 TBLS of Veggie/Olive oil, 1 clove of fresh garlic thinly sliced, 1TS salt, 1/8TS ground pepper and sprinkle of Italian spice (optional).

*If sausage uncooked, boil/pan sear till mostly done and put aside. Repeat the same to Shrimps.
* Heat up oil in skillet at medium, add in garlic, sear the garlic for 30 seconds, and stir once half way. Add in onions and carrots and cook till desired softness, 6-8 minutes. After seasoning with salt, pepper and Italian spice, pour in sausage, tomatoes and green pepper. Cook till sausage is thoroughly done (5- 10 minutes). At last, add shrimp to the mix and cook till boiling.

Serve over rice or pasta, etc. Enjoy!

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