Romantic Italy

Romantic Destinations

Romantic Destinations

What makes a place romantic? The elements can be as varied as people are: adventure, wild, wild wilderness, history, mystery, scenery, architecture, culture, food and people …

When planning a vacation for our anniversary in spring of 2007, Venice came to mind. The most developed continent on earth, Europe is also the most romantic to me, for it is where natural beauty, intriguing history, elegant architecture, cultured ambience and more relaxed life style amalgamate with each other felicitously. Famed as one of the most romantic places of Europe, Venice can’t go wrong. But that didn’t feel enough so I searched on till my friend Juli briefly mentioned Italy’s Lake District. After some surfing on the net, I was hooked on Lake Como.

Pairing Lake Como with Venice was brilliant. Both being breathtakingly beautiful and romantic, Venice and Lake Como are alluring in distinctive ways. While Venice boasts unique lagoon terrain on Adriatic Sea, glorious architecture and dynamic influx of tourists, Lake Como, framed by rugged rocky hill sides and adorned by picturesque waterfront towns, is cherished for its spectacular vista, dreamy villas and pleasant serenity. I appreciated Venice and Lake Como with equal zeal but, having fewer crowds to contend with and being less expensive, I enjoyed Lake Como just a dash more.

We stayed in Venice for 4 days and nights and 3 days and nights at Lake Como. Details on Venice and Lake Como coming up in the following posts…

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