Lobster-Cantonese Style

I love lobster and sautéing it the Cantonese fashion is my favorite.

Cantonese Lobster

Cantonese Lobster


• 2 to 2 and 2½ lb lobster (in shells), removed from shells and cut into 1 in lumps
• 5 stems of Green onions, cleaned and cut crosswise into 1 ½ in long, the top parts cut into halves
• 2 cloves of fresh garlic, thinly sliced, or minced
• 1 tablespoon fresh ginger finely sliced, or shredded or minced
• Cooking oil (vegetable or olive oil), coarse salt, ground pepper, soy sauce and ½ teaspoon sugar


Heat up a sautéing pan at high, pour in 2 tablespoon cooking oil, heat for 30 seconds and turn down to medium high. Stir in ginger and garlic till they are lightly browned. Transfer lobster into pan, cover and cook for about 3 to 5 minutes (lobster cooks easily), stir occasionally. Turn fire down to low; add green onions, 1 teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, ½ teaspoon sugar, mix evenly to season. Cover for 2 minutes. Transfer to plate and serve as soon as possible, best when served right away.

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