My Camellias





Do you feel my pride and affection for these babies?

I have several Camellia shrubs outside my bedroom windows on the south side. While the two middle ones bear red flowers and bloom between Jan and March, the other two on the sides bear pink flowers and bloom between Nov and Dec. With evergreen leaves and requiring almost none maintenance, they never disappoint.

One day about six weeks ago, I noticed through my windows the gorgeous red camellias blooming in wild profusion, as if they had burst out of their buds over night densely covering the entire trees. The beautiful sights they created outside my windows exhilarated me everything time I glanced at them. A week later however a passing cold current wilted the young bloom and turned their color into a dark red. I gasped at the sad sight and worried about their fate. To my relief, they survived and regained their beautiful and healthy shape a week later. I’ve since been able enjoyed the joyful bloom again.

2 Responses

  1. The flowers are really pretty! The 2nd picture is amazing! I think I need a couple of camellia bushes, to put where some old bushes died in the drought when it was too hard to water them.

    • I do hope you’ll be successful in getting some. They bring such joy… And low maintenance too. Let me know If I can get. Have fun!

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