GOP’s political group suicide on Economy Stimulus Bill

I am not claiming that the Economy Stimulus Bill is a panacea or that it has no downside but what do you call the behavior of house and senate Republicans? Do they take people on the main street as fools? Do they think by assuming a united facade they can deceive people into thinking President Obama did not make bipartisan efforts?

Not a single vote on the Economy Stimulus Bill from the house GOP and only 3 votes from senate GOP. Where does the logic lay with these Republicans? After all, didn’t many of them vote for the Iraq war, the Bail out plan and their like? And not a single one of them could support the Stimulus Bill?

$800 Billion is a lot of money but did GOP republicans forget how much money they spent on the Iraq War? Who is responsible for the 50 year record high deficit and national debt? Take a look at the graph below. What hypocrites these GOP republicans are!

National Debt Graph: Bush Sets 50-Year Record
Click link to view:

What else could you call GOP’s behavior but putting politics above the nation and people of this country, manipulative and downright foolish?

Kudos to Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania!

As for me, I am excited about the pass of Economy Stimulus Bill, due to my confidence on President Obama and common sense. It is not perfect and I wish the same goals could be accomplished without adding to the already eye popping deficit and national debt. Or I could wish there had never been Iraq War, there had not been a record high deficit and national debt, there had not been a financial crisis or there had not been an economic recession altogether. But that is not going to work, is it. For the sake of our entire mankind, I sincerely hope it will work!

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