I voted!

I had planned to take advantage of the early voting to avoid maybe long line on the general election day and finally made it this past Fri to the poll at the main library downtown. There I found the longest line I had ever seen since I became a citizen ten years ago and started voting in every election. I stayed in line despite the two to three hour estimate because it was my only chance for early voting; and I brought my book with me. Two hours later, I cast my ballot. I was extremely relieved and gratified.

When I left, the line was as long as when I came in. I don’t know who everyone else voted for. I know we all share something in common though: we had decided and we all feel strong enough for what we believe in to make an investment of time and effort.

The scene of democracy at work is powerful and heartening. In the mean time, I am hopeful but also not without anxiety. I hope collectively we make the right decision for the country. In particularly, I hope there will be no mistake or fraud and my vote will be counted as what it is intended for: Obama and Biden ticket.

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