Tender Spare Ribs

My family and friends love these ribs, especially when they are fall-off-bone tender. The good thing, they are easy to make. Here is how.

Spare Ribs with Lee Kum Kee Sauce

Spare Ribs with Lee Kum Kee Sauce

* A slab of spare Ribs (about 10 ribs)
* Salt, pepper and BBQ Sauce. I’ve tried different BBQ sauce and they all worked pretty well but our favorite one is Lee Kum Kee’s Spare Rib Sauce. Try and find your favorite one.
* Optional: fresh ginger root (sliced) and garlic cloves slice or crushed and honey.

* Optional first step. I do this to get rid of the raw meat taste and clean of the preserving additive. Boil enough water in a deep pan then immerse the ribs in the boiling water which will stop boiling at that time. Continue till the water boils again. Turn off fire. Drain the water and rinse off the scum.
* Boil the ribs in a deep pan till it is tenderly cooked (abut 30 minutes or 15 minutes if you use a pressure cooker):
Fill the pan with enough water so the ribs are submerged in water, start the burner at high. Optional, add a few garlic cloves, sliced or crushed whole, and a few pieces of sliced ginger root.
When the water boils, turn the fire down to medium. Add half table spoon of salt and sprinkle pepper into pan.
Continue cooking till the desired tenderness.
* Bake the ribs with the sauce (about 15 minutes):
Optional, brush on some honey over all sides of the ribs.
Using a brush, smear the BBQ sauce over all sides of the ribs generously.
Arrange the ribs on baking pan and bake for 15 minutes at 400º Fahrenheit.

Do not discard the broth from boiling the ribs. It is great for whatever you might use some broth. I use it to boil noodles, vegetables and tofu which complete the meal.

2 Responses

  1. Sounds delicious! I am going to try it on Christmas: I usually do lots of finger foods so we can nibble all day whille opening the presents.

    • Finger food with presents… That sounds great. Good idea! Did you try the ribs yet? Let me know if questions. Have fun with it.

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