Ham up the Potato Melody

Potatoes and Ham

Potatoes and Ham

A doctor appointment yesterday took me close to the Fresh Market on Kings and I found these cute little Potatoes labeled Gemstone Potatoes, small but colorful in yellow, red and eggplant. I had to take some home. Not too far from them, I spotted some Sugar Cured Country ham, and out came a dinner idea, that altered part of my dinner plan for the day.

See recipe below.

* Gemstone Potatoes, sliced horizontally into roughly 1/5 of an inch thick
* Ham, cut into roughly 1 inch squares and 1/5 inch thick
* Cooking oil: Vegetable or Olive Oil
* 2 to 3 fresh Garlic cloves, sliced
* Optional, Dried small, red chili pepper(s)
* Also optional, salt

* Fully heat up the pan then turn the fire down to medium, pour 2 to 3 table spoons of cooking oil, toss in the garlic slices, (optional, snap open the chili pepper(s) and tap the seeds into pan), and heat till both sides slightly brown.
* Pour the ham into pan, stir a few times to let the ham pieces pick up the favor of garlic and chili pepper; arrange pieces flat on pan, let the pieces pan sear for 3 minutes or so, turn pieces over to pan sear the other sides for 3 minutes or so.
* Add in the potatoes, stir to mix up evenly; cover for 10 minutes, stir occasionally to avoid burnt pieces.
* Turn the fire down to low, cover for another 10 minutes; stir occasionally to avoid burnt pieces. When removing from pan, drain the excessive grease. * Optional, add salt to taste before removing from pan.
Note: Taste to make sure it is done to your desire. If not, it is ok to cook longer till ready.

Wha-La! Ham up the Potato Melody

Wha-La! Ham up the Potato Melody

You can eat it by itself or serve over rice. Yum! We surely loved it.

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