I am unquestionably the supreme chef at home, since neither my husband nor my son can or want to cook. My cooking style is easy, nice casual. Majority of the time, I make Chinese and Italian. I cook every day during the week but I usually take the weekend off. I try to cook healthy: 3 times seafood, 1 time chicken, 1 time red meat of beef, pork, ham or sausage, and always vegetables and fruits, ample vegetables and fruits every day.

I like cooking but I get bored easily of cooking exactly the same thing. The other plight is that I have no patience following long recipes either. Consequently, I am trying different things all the time, looking for ideas that can easily spawn into a whole series of easy recipes by substituting ingredients, and I improvise. Luckily, I have stumbled across some satisfying results.

Today I am sharing with you a simple yet luscious snack of apple and cheese.

Apple with Swiss&Rye

Apple with Swiss&Rye

* Apple or Pear, sliced horizontally.
* Sliced Cheese.
I’ve tried apple, pear, Swiss, Cheddar, Horseradish, Emmental Cheese, Swiss&Rye (shown in photo), where the last two were imported from Swiss and available at WalMart. They are all good but the combo I like the most is Apple with Swiss&Rye.

2 Responses

  1. I love apple & cheese together. The swiss & rye sounds great – I will definitely try that.

    Apple & peanut butter on thin rice cakes is also something tasty that I snack on.

  2. I will be picking up some swiss&rye when I run past Walmart in a few hours from now. I have some very nice apples that I will try this with for the boys after soccer practice tonight. What a good idea! I know I will enjoy it and I think they will also.
    Thanks for your wonderful website Yvonne. I have enjoyed reading all your stories – especially your shared passionate support of Obama!

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