Presidential Impression

There were no major surprises from the first presidential debate regarding issues and positions, except that it did accentuate McCain’s support for the Iraq war, a stand diametrically contradicting his pro soldier and anti war rhetoric. Obviously his idea of taking care of soldiers and their families is to send soldiers to be killed or injured in a needless war.

There was however a stark contrast between the candidates’ demeanors. McCain: firm and rigid, Obama: forceful but cool. Obama’s articulation: lucid, coherent and specific, McCain: vague, high flowed and convoluted. But what do you expect from someone who graduated 894th of a class of 899? Obama sounded sonorous and vigorous and showed open-mindedness and magnanimity, McCain’s voice lethargic and his attitude arrogant and bigoted.

Who made presidential impression? The vote goes to Obama!

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