Lazy Labor Day

Lazy Summer Afternoon

Lazy Summer Afternoon

It was Labor Day afternoon; my husband was taking a bike ride in the neighborhood to get his exercise in. A group of unfamiliar looking birds gathering around and on my floating dock drew my attention. I stepped out to take a look. They were smaller and more colorful than the group of geese I am used to seeing around. And more alert too, they floated away as soon as I reached the end of the pier and still twenty feet away. I started picking up the water toys left outside from the day before when some of our friends were over with their kids.

The day was perfectly genial. The humidity pervaded the region in the past week had evaporated and the temperature, in the high 70s, was comfortable with a gentle breeze. I walked back into the house and came out again with my book to the deck on the upper level of the house.

Recumbent on the lounge chair, I could see the calm and blue sky arching over me. Occasionally the leaves all round rustled gently and the leaning branches of Crape Myrtle in bloom with hot pink clusters nodded from the left. Over the backdrop of a continuous but low buzzing of something, now popped the chirping of crickets and now burst the twittering or squawking of birds. Even the pit-a-pat from a neighbor working on his dock and the occasional shouting of a kid blended into this tranquil and serene afternoon congruously. Not the random droning of a boat or a burring Jet Ski could spoiled it either.

It is days like this that make me forget the challenges that come with living at this heavily wooded lake front lot. All the sudden there was some unusually sharp rustling. I looked to the lake, whence the sound seemed to be, the group of birds were back on the dock out there. Yet they were restfully motionless. They couldn’t be the culprits. When the funny noise broke out again, I saw that unruly squirrel, dashing between the white and dark oak trees and trampling the dead twigs with dry leaves.

These squirrels… They invite themselves over frequently whenever they want. They just show up. We’ve been at peace with them except during the couple of months when they found the hole on the outer wall of our house, moved in some where between the walls and terrorized us until we hired animal control to get rid of that colony and fixed the whole. We are back to peaceful term again but I am no longer fond of them as I was before and I am more diligent checking my house.

So I yelled at that squirrel for disturbing my peace. Maybe it worked. The squirrel was out of sight and that noise was not to be heard again.

Now I had my peace of mind, I immersed myself back into the delightful languor of the day. Sometime passed, I heard the whirring of my husband’s bike. He joined me later with his book. I ordered a glass of chilled white wine and Tostitos scoops and reached for my book: War and Peace.


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  1. You’ve captured it very poetically. We need more days like that.

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