Water Rises and Falls on the Back Yard

Mecklenburg, North Carolina is states away from Florida but not far enough to be out of the heavy rain brought by the remnant of hurricane Fay. The three day deluge since Monday night had, according to the news, “brought up to 11 inch of precipitation and caused flood damage through out the region.”

This morning, the sun briefly broke out of the still heavy clouds and lit up the rooms on the east side brightly. It was cheering. I went outside to the back yard for the first time since the weekend.

Through the row of windows on the lake side, I could see the water rise. But still the level it has risen to flabbergasted me once I was out. I had not seen such high water level since my husband bought the house eight years ago in this quiet part of the lake . Water is just 6 inch below the peer and the bridge between the peer and the floating dock actually lays flat, also a first to me. Water that had rarely reached the bottom of the wooden embankment has now surged and three fourth of the 4 feet embankment is now under the water.

What a stark contrast to the same time last year when the water receded 40 feet out, leaving an unprecedented shoreline and our boat sunk in mud.

Sitting at my computer, facing the lake and staring at the muddy water, I sure hope this is the end of this rain pour and the drought.

The Lake on Aug 28, 2008

The Lake on Aug 28, 2008


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